Posted by: Colin | June 6, 2010

Sun, Sea and Pirates

 We stayed in Santa Marta another two nights. The first day was pure relaxation in front of the pool, TV and reading. This was due to Jamie and I´s horrendous sun burn. Personally I thought I was in the shade under a tree. Unknown to myself I must have drifted out as the sun progressed through the sky. For how long, who knows since Colombian sun is 4x as strong as Scotland´s, (UV index 12:4). 

That evening it was an American expats birthday so the hostel had a massive party. Tens of thousands of Pescos were consumed along with a bottle of rum. In good style we started drinking games, most notably was “fuck the dealer.” Sadly I was on the losing end of 1/3 bottle of rum straight off. The bar closed at 3.30am when the party moved to the roof. Everyone was in bad shape by then. Towards the end around 5am a pair of Colombians turned up with a bag of white powder. Must by how Colombian´s like to party as around 2am the national election results had been released. 

Two hours later I was carted in a rickety car to scuba dive. We quickly got our kit and headed off. The 30 min boat ride was not help by the fact we were sleep deprived, massively hung over (or still drunk), starving and dehydrated. Sadly the visibility was not what I had hoped. But saying that we saw lots of eels, crabs, fish and other under water life. 

The next day we were feeling better and got the bus to Cartagena. It’s the largest port in Northern South America. The Spanish wall city is the reason Gringos (foreign tourists) travel to Cartagena. It is nothing less than spectacular. The town originally grew rich from transporting pillaged treasures from all over South America back to Spain to finance its many wars. Lots of the wares never got to Spain and were plundered by pirates. While walking through the narrow street you can imagine the many swashbuckling adventures there must have been. 

We only stayed in Cartagena 1 night before flying to Cali, the Salsa Capital of the World.



  1. I told you to put sun-tan lotion on Colin, but no no!

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