Posted by: Colin | June 19, 2010

Back to the Big City

We arrived in Quito and got a taxi to the reknowed hostel called the “Secret Garden” in the old town. Annoyingly there was no space for we headed into the new town . We found a place the LP recommended called “Cafe del Mundo.” It is in the Quito party district called Mariscal which also happened to rank as one of the most dangerous areas in South America.

The following morning we woke up early and I headed out to find some internet. 20m down the round of 2 African lads decided to push me. I instantly replied with a harder push. I´m unsure whether this reply made them think twice about a possible mugging or if he was trying to act the big man to his friend by pushing a gringo. Either way they went on their way I continued my search for internet.

After several emails and food, Jamie and went to explore the old town. The colonial architecture is amazing. Really not what I was expecting from Ecuador. Gothic cathedrals, marble churchs, palaces and grand plazas where all in a 1.5km area. We visited a couples museums before going to the Basilica, a massive chathedral.

We climbed to the top of the bell tower. Getting there was a dance with death. Rickety ladders, plank walkways and unstable spiral stariways paved the way to the canopy of Quito. At the top you got a great impression of the lay out of the city with its sprawling suburbs, shops for its 4 million inhabitants and surrounding snow peaked Andean mountains (Coapaxi).

As it was Friday night we relaxed in the hostel to take advantage of its 10L of free Ron and coke. During this affair we got chatting to an American girl who told us how the previous night she had managede to “fall down some stairs and hit her chin.” She must have spent a bit too much time with Ron. The next day she freaked out a bit and decided to go to see a doctor and request a CT scan. “That will be $150 and we´ll throw in 2 mysterious shots in the ass.” Quite amazing that she managed to get a CT for 150, no questions asked and she got 2 injections in the ass. Points for anyone who can suggest what they might be.

After Ron left, we headed to a bar and then onto a night club. It was full to the brim. There was some who were salsaing, some bogging and some grinding like no tomorrow. At 2.30am we were suitably intoxicated and headed home. On the way Jamie had a cigarette so we sat down on a couple of bollards. Two Ecuadorian lads sat down next to us and we had a chat about Scotland, Ecuador, university, and what they wanted to do in the future. When we got up to leave they then asked us if we wanted any girlss to go home with. Politely we declined and turned to leave. They larger of the two then said “fuck you.” Me being naive thought they only wanted a chat. The way they had turned into two nasty pimps in the space of 10 secs was disheartening. The next day we headed to Agrio Lagrio and said farewell to one of the most dangerious areas in South America.



  1. You never told me that you were pushed by some lads on the street! And I was insisted that I go with you as well!

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