Posted by: Colin | June 19, 2010

The Jungle Arrival

Organising the trip to the jungle was a strange expereince. We had to get a bus to an oil town 7 hrs away then meet “Jorge” at a cafe. As far as we could tell lots of things could go wrong in the process and it smelt dodgy. Nonetheless, we caught the overnight bus to Lago Agrio.

We arrived at 6am, got our luggage and attempted to find this mysterious cafe. After wandering the streets for 10 mins we finally found someone to ask. Thankfully we got the general direction and found it. We then waited 3hrs for Jorge to turn up. His English accent was typical of someone who had watched too many Hollywood films. For no reason he also decided to call Jamie, Chuck Norris. For any of you who know Jamie, he couldn´t look more disimilar to Chuck Norris.

We loaded the minivan and set off to get supplies for the 3 days we would be in the jungle (had to pick up Ron as well). When turning a corner we hit the kerp and burst a flat tyre. When I say burst, it was more of a explosion as the back wheel disinflated and we heard metal on tarmac. Not a great start as we heaeed into the most remote area of the world I´ve ever been too.

Tyre fixed, Ron collected and other essentials loaded we headed off to Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. This was a highly unpleasant journey as my knee were holding up the seat and passengers in front. After 3.5 hrs we transferred into a canoe and did another 3hrs.As we got deeper into the jungle the waterways widened. On the way we saw an anaconda into the branches of a bush. It was bigger than I had seen in Cali Zoo. We also saw countless birds, monkeys and some jumping fish. As sunset arrived we finally hit a large lagoon and proceeded to our camp on the bank.



  1. You forgot to mention how we got our passport numbers and phone numbers taken in the supermarket to buy the ron. A bizarre experience!

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