Posted by: Colin | July 15, 2010

Jungle Day 1

We unloaded our minimal baggage from the canoe and proceeded into the clearing. In the clearing there was a series of 3 huts. One was the kitchen and dining room, one was the guests’ bedrooms and one was locals’ home. After dumping our bags I jumped into one of the hammocks and finished the charge on my iPod shuffle. Like many times over the trip I ask myself “where are you, Colin.” The reply I came up with “was not in Kansas.”

We had a surprisingly nice three course meal then chatted to the other guests of the Amazon over a few glasses of rum (ron). With us was a Swiss lad, two German men and an English couple. We were all tired from the journey and went to bed under our mosquito nets early.

The next morning the group was separated. Antonio, the Swiss gentleman, stayed with us while the Germans and English loaded up an unstable canoe. We had great hilarity at watching them paddle off when the water line was but 3 or 4 inches down the canoe. Subsequently we jumped into a motor canoe and set off across the lagoon.

We arrived on an embankment after 30 mins for a walk in the jungle. Our guided didn’t speak much English so Antonio kindly translated. We got some face painting from some bitter “tasting fruit (?)” Over the walk we climbed a couple of creepers, saw a few snakes, a few large beetles, face learnt about neurotoxin used for fishing, quinine and lots and lots of medicine for D&V. After walking we headed back for lunch and siesta.

After a welcomed nap we went piranha fishing in some reeds up stream. Unlike fly fishing, I’m used to, this is very different. When fly fishing you minimise disturbances to the surface. Whereas when piranha fishing you thrash about to mimic a wounded animal. As the time past the piranhas were getting more numerous or more aggressive. The chunks of beef were leaving the hook in 3 or 4 seconds. Antonio was the first one to catch a piranha, then I got a cat fish then Jamie got one too. This was his first fish ever. We took the edible fish back to camp so they could be pan fried. After we eat our catch of the day we played some cards before heading to bed.


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