Posted by: Colin | September 20, 2010

Banos and Cuenca

Back in the big city (Quito) we decided to get a better idea of the city by heading up the vernier to the top of the overlooking mountain. We got a taxi there and bought a ticket. Thankfully you could pay another 3 pounds to get the tourist ticket which allowed you to skip the enormous queue. The vernier slowly carried us to the top of the mountain, up more than 700m. We had a coffee at the top and went for a walk. Up there you could see over the entire city and beyond. We went for a walk in the noticeably cooler air and there headed back down the mountain.

That afternoon we got a bus to Banos. The bus journey was terrible. Jamie played seat joust with a local and I ran out of juice on the my ipod. We were both tired and went to sleep without venturing out. In the morning we hit the natural springs. It was situated around a waterfall, was roasting and contained several poisons in it. Just as the lonely planet said it is mainly an adventure sport town. Apart from the hot springs the best part of the trip was the journey to Cuenca as it was through the Andes at a reasonable hour of the day (with ipod battery). The scenery is amazing. Definitely not the rounded glaciated hills of Scotland.

We arrived in Cuenca and found a nice little hostel where we were staying with a Italian guy. That night we got pizza and went to a microbrewery. I liked the way it said Est. 2006. It was a nice refreshing bit of honesty compared to the lies breweries and other alcohol producers make. It annoys me that alcohol companies say they were Est. in the 1700 when nothing from that time period remains. We wandering round the town and went to see the famous Cathedral/ town squares.

All in all Cuenca is a very pretty town. Next we got the bus to Mancora and across the Peruvian border.



  1. Are we going to mention the Peruvian border incident? Or is that never to be spoken of again?

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